companypage1ronRon Lovely is the head of the All Star Media and Executive Producer. He has been working in the entertainment business since childhood. Ron made his professional theater and TV debut at the age of twelve and began studying at Emerson College for young actors at age 12. At the age of eighteen, Ron received scholarships for Communications, TV, Drama, and Dance for Berkleee College of Music and Emerson College, Boston, as well as Studying private piano/vocal at The Boston Conservatory. Currently based in Europe and the US.

As a song writer and musician Ron has written, performed and produced with Hall of Fame stars such as: Bill Wyman, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Smokey Robinson and   The New Kids on the Block, Brad Pitt and Glenn Tilbrook. TV Director and Producer/ Writer WGA.  Lovely’s musical accomplishments have recently featured in US Magazine, Rolling Stone, People, Billboard. Ron was Brad Pitt’s music producer and their collaboration was the program’s feature on Entertainment Tonight during the February TV sweeps period, viewed by over 35,000,000 people world-wide.

Beatrice Hallmark is a graduate of KTH in Stockholm with a BSc in Engineering: Media Technology, Beatrice is a Producer with All-Star Media International and Liaision with European TV and Media for ASM. Beatrice combines a creative mind with a great head for numbers and practical details when working on a project. She has worked with the likes of Harvey Goldsmith CBE and Mr James Anderson of Jethro Tull Management, developing new TV content and Events. She was a friend of Scotty Moore and helped develop with Ron Lovely and Gianna Bergman,  the current program and brand Guitarist of the Year Award! Most recently Co-produced the VIP event securing KT Tunstall for a performance for a fundraiser for children with severe ear and eye issues. The event raised over $1,000,000 USD in one evening. Her acting and TV projects take her from Stockholm, to London, Paris and America. She is currently working as a dramatic actor with film casting agent Carolyn Pickman CSA ( Matt Damon, Ben and Casey Affleck) Beatrice enjoys music, modelling, singing, guitar and cinema and is a qualified equestrian. She speaks several languages. Beatrice Hallmark is ASMI New Media expert and a writer member of WGA.

Cato Kemmler companypage2cato-portrait-6 is the head of the All Star Financial Department. He has an extensive background in international finance and management, and he holds degrees in the fields of economics, international relations, international communication, as well as certificates in European Integration Studies. His work has focused on international finance and consulting, corporate expansion strategies, market introduction, real estate development, market research, and opportunity investment.

Cato currently also holds positions as a Director of an international energy investment company, and holds interests in a British financial software group and consulting agency. His work focuses on the evaluation of various investment opportunities, as well as the conceptualization of new projects and the identification of strategic partners. He negotiated a partnership with a publicly listed investment group that included a substantial annual equity investment. Cato was the inspiration of ASMI and holds the office of life-time founder. He is in Germany, London, Toronto, Dubai and the US.

ASMI offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Production of TV Specials, marketing and distribution of TV and music masters, documentaries, content and TV programming for the global market
  • Promotion of US and European talent in entertainment markets from London to Tokyo
  • Corporate partnerships with world media
  • Branded Entertainment
  • Acquisition and administration of music publishing
  • Promotion of corporate sponsorship ties
  • Production of original TV programming
  • Specialist in placing entertainment in international market
  • Producers for private events with stars. Most recently raised $1,000,000 in a one night musical event.

New Talent, Models and Pop Singers

  • ASMI creates, produces and secures talent in Modeling and Music Industries.
  • Creates Pop Bands with for example SVT with their all-girl bands in London, Sweden, Germany and the US. Creates masters remixes of original recordings
    dance/club remixes with the original bands and music for world market.
  • The focus is creating new market share, international branding, PR, press and consumer awareness with new Reality and Doc TV.
  • Creating new music stars and  recording music from ASMI Pop Bands. For one example, created a Pop Band for TV in Sweden for the Number One TV Network SVT!
  • We also placed Models and singers with agencies in Paris, Milan, London, New York and Los Angeles.
  • Pop music content across various platforms is our focus with consumer bases and have the demos 16-24 and 18 – 34.
  • In Market cooperation creating new Content and audience share and placement from our NEW catalogue.

Distribution Worldwide
Distribution of new content via major ( Universal ) independent distributors. For TV we have access across the globe.

Soundtrack Cooperation
ASMI creates, produces and markets original branded content music for TV and Film Soundtracks. By licensing existing masters from major artists, as well as producing new masters with established stars, All Star supplies exclusive recordings for US and International Films. Mr. Lovely has extensive experience in writing, producing, and performing high-profile songs with mega stars.

Event Organization ASMI has extensive experience in organizing high profile events with some of today’s most noted artists. We specialize in Private Events and one-off events for TV and other media.

Historically via partnerships e.g.  J. Walter Thompson, Public TV, US , UK and Germany. ASMI has the ability to cooperate directly with advertising executives and marketing professionals to create tailor-made shows, music and video commercials and corporate promotions.

The Benefits of partnering with All Star Media International:

  • Expert in Multi-faceted earnings segments
  • high Values marketing and exposure to high-net worth television clientele via world wide TV outlets.
  • Significant tax advantages due to an optimized corporate structure, for film and media and new media.
  • Access to a global distribution systems
  • Access to ASMI’s lucrative publishing/licensing
  • Artist relations
  • Contact to brand name artists and celebrities for events, sponsorship, and endorsement deals.
  • Creates New and affordable content of high value for streaming, and all media platforms. i.e. platforms with new music stars and future models via branded Tv programs for all mobile devices.
  • 360 degree Music Platform, with turn-key effect
  • Has 3 new valuable platforms for attracting the key audiences 18-34 with social media and more.
  • Has new talent and content now aggregated reaches 50,000,000 fans world wide, to date
  • Valuable partnerships for any idea or concept in new media, i.e. Reality TV creators and industry experts.


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